“The most meaningful interaction of the campaign.”

We continuously work with Branden on Instagram influencer campaigns because he is a talented and genuine storyteller with excellent photography skills. He is professional, reliable, and always seems to over-deliver, making our clients very happy.

— Brian DiFeo, Mobile Media Lab

“I can’t wait until next summer!”

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— Nick Dimichino, Square

Branden is an incredible photographer and an even better storyteller. He was born with the innate ability to surface stories from people—even those he's just met, making him an invaluable brand influencer.

— Nick Dimichino, Square


“We'd work with him again in a heartbeat

We partnered with Branden Harvey because as a company we're investing in the next generation and Branden is one of the most famous Snapchat celebrities. It was icing on the cake that he's brand and who he is as a person represented the #RefreshinglyHonest campaign. He's strategic, creative, and communicates well and on time.

— Austin Graff, Honest Tea

“World-changing work.”

Branden is one of the most genuine and authentic people you'll ever meet and it's reflected throughout his creative use of storytelling.

At charity: water, we believe stories have the power to change the world, and it wouldn't be possible without collaborating with incredible storytellers like Branden.

— Cubby Graham, charity: water


“Stellar, professional service.”

Working with Branden helped us successfully bring Lyft's human-centered story to Portland for our launch in 2015, which turned out to be one of our biggest in Lyft history. We reached out to Branden after following his #storyportrait project, which aligned with our ethos of making communities closer and always placing people first.

— Zach Cole, Lyft

“Branden is a tremendous person.”

Working with Branden has been one of the smartest strategic moves I've made as the CEO of These Numbers Have Faces.

Not only is Branden a spectacular photographer, Branden is a tremendous person. He didn't just take photos of our students, he inspired them. Branden spent time learning their stories and empowering them to become leaders.

— Justin Zoradi, These Numbers Have Faces


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