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Hey, friends! I’m on vacation with my family this week and generally unplugging, but I’m sharing a few photos and stories over at the @lifeisgoodco feed for the next 2 days as part of their #heroesofoptimism campaign. I'll be sharing some amazing people who have inspired me to live a more positive life. I hope you’ll tune in. :) If any of the stories remind you of someone in your life, celebrate that person by sharing their story with the hashtag too. I would love to hear who has inspired you, too. Check out @lifeisgoodco and for everything.


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Hi, I’m @brandenharvey. I’m a storyteller focusing on the good in the world.

Being focused on the good in the world doesn’t mean I pretend there isn’t pain the the world. There’s heartbreak all around us. So much that it’s easy to think the world is all bad. But the truth is that by choosing to focus on the good, despite the pain, it opens up our eyes to just how much good there is. Sometimes we just forget to pay attention to it.

So I’ve started looking for the good and sharing it with the world.

On Instagram I share the stories of good I see on a daily basis.
On Snapchat I share daily stories of joy.
In my weekly Goodnewsletter I email out the most hopeful pieces of news from around the world to a community of thousands.
On my weekly podcast, Sounds Good with Branden Harvey, I interview the happiest people on the internet and ask them what makes them so hopeful.

Doing all of this reminds me on a daily basis that good is all around us. We simply have to pay attention to it. I can’t wait to share a few stories of hope I’ve noticed. —@brandenharvey


This is my dear friend @ruthielindsey. The first time I met her she was so bubbly with hope I knew immediately that I wanted to be friends with her.

It wasn’t until Ruthie invited me and a few friends over to her beautiful home (Ruthie is an amazing stylist, y’all. Taylor Swift even shot the album artwork for Red in Ruthie’s house!) for dinner and a dance party that I learned the story of why she’s so hopeful.

When Ruthie was a senior in high school she was in a freak car accident. An ambulance T-boned her car, breaking three ribs, puncturing and collapsing her lungs, and breaking two vertebrae in her neck. Fortunately the ambulance driver saved her life.

For years after the accident Ruthie was constantly overwhelmed with chronic pain. She stayed in bed. Her friends saw her as someone who was constantly in pain.

One day she hit a wall. She was still in pain, but wanted to truly live her life again. She slowly weaned herself off of her medications and day by day began trying to live her life— not being identified by her pain anymore.

Now most days I see @ruthielindsey I don’t think about her pain. I think about her hope. She’s still in pain on a daily basis, but she lives a life of thankfulness that she’s alive and breathing. She travels the world, pursues her passions, and loves people well— all in spite of her pain.

Photo and story by storyteller @brandenharvey

My little sister Jenn graduated from high school a few weeks ago and I'm so incredibly proud of her. But I’m not just proud of her for graduating. I’m proud of her for the person she is. The truth is that I see the world as a hopeful and beautiful place because she's in it.

Jenn has a huge heart for her peers with special needs. Throughout her time in high school, she spent countless hours in and out of classrooms loving, befriending, and working alongside fellow students with special needs.

I think about two years ago when Jenn made sure that the students with special needs in her school received special invitations to the upcoming Winter Formal dance.

Most of these kids hadn't attended a dance before and she wanted to make sure everyone knew a few awesome moves so she organized a dance party and invited all her friends with special needs. They turned up the music and all learned how to dance together. It was incredible. The local news even showed up to interview her about it.

This is the way I want to live my life. I want to throw all kinds of dance parties and welcome the people that others often forget about. Jenn inspires me.

Photo and story by storyteller @brandenharvey