Branden Harvey Snapchatting

With a background as a professional photographer, a strong education on marketing and advertising, and a passion for storytelling, Branden is changing the way brands, non-profits, and influencers use social media.

Branden has built a personal platform focused on the adventurous pursuit of optimism and happiness and has created an online community who believes in focusing on the good in the world.

Through creative partnerships with brands wanting to make a difference in the world, Branden has brought hundreds of thousands of meaningful impressions to a likeminded audience.


About Branden Harvey Stories


Branden Harvey Stories exists to help brands and organizations cut through the noise on social media by telling authentic stories that matter.

This is done through:

  • Engaging, experiential, and high-energy Instagram and Snapchat Stories

  • Compelling people-focused photographic storytelling

  • Corporate social good campaigns

Brands I've Worked With:

Southwest Airlines, Disney, Hilton, Chevrolet, UNICEF, Yoplait, Sony, charity: water, ABC Family, Paramount, Lyft, World Vision, Skype, Square...

Places I've Worked:

Zimbabwe, Peru, Israel, Uganda, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong, The White House, Australia, Philippines, Rwanda...

Where I Tell Stories:

Podcast: Sounds Good is a weekly podcast that explores the lives, stories, and adventures of the happiest people in the world.

Instagram: Branden shares his adventures around the world and the people he meets along the way through award-winning photos and long-form captions.

Snapchat: By regularly sharing fun, uplifting, and interactive Stories on Snapchat, Branden has amassed one of the largest followings of any person on Snapchat.

Goodnewsletter: Each week Branden shares five of the most hopeful news stories he's come across from around the world with a community of people who want to focus on the light instead of the darkness.

Also: The Goodnewspaper, custom influencer marketing campaigns, Instagram consulting, and more.